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    2013 fx ho accessories?

    Hi guys, so I just bought a 13 fx ho and can't wait to pick it up. Is there any must have acc that I should get. I already have a cover but what would you recommend on things like anchors or any other things I should have?

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    Cooper nylon anchor is probably the best out there.

    I do like the bungee style dock lines from Airhead that you can get off Amazon. Go with the 6' version.

    You will probably want a nice GPS or waterproof camera. I have the Garmin 78SC and most people like the GoPros (I am not a fan of them). If you wear glasses for reading I have a great solution for you on that.

    If you do your own service then get a oil suction system. Ride in cooler waters?... get the neoprene touring jacket and get it so it fits over your life vest (best investment in accessories I have made).

    Thermos soft cooler with a "gel" interior with a little reach in lid on top is a must have. These will never puncture and leak like most of them. Never use a hard cooler.

    Compression waterproof bags of various sizes.

    This is just a start....Congratulations! Ride a lot and ride hard.
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