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    Lack of throttle response

    I have a 2008 fx sho it has been giving me problems from the start. Throttle response out the hole is not there, it hesitates for 5 seconds then takes off. I've been to the dealer who claims they took the whole ski apart and didn't find anything wrong, but rode the ski and said you do definitely have a problem. One person told me it's your fuel pressure regulator,I but and installed an adjustable one, because my plugs had black soot on them. Still not the answer, some say it's my coils I don't know so if anybody out there is experiencing this problem let me know I could use some advice.

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    supercharger clutch is slipping then locks in I supect! Replace clutch with 2013 updated clutch and idler gear. Tommy Jordan

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    They said they checked that, I have it down to either my coils or my fuel cause its either running rich or my ignition is weak cause my plugs are black

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