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Thread: good buy??

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    good buy??

    I can buy 2 1996 700 waveraiders on a trailer for$500, here,s the but,, engines were overhauled by a Yamaha dealer 18 mo.s ago now there is a loss of power or speed owner says Yamaha told him was bad impellers sounds reasonable however was run in salt water and looks very corroded skis have set for a year. I can work on cycles and cars but have never had one of these apart, heck I,ve never even ridden one, so is it a good buy, and can I get the pumps and housings out even with corrosion.thx

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    Pretty much can't go wrong getting 2 WaveRaiders and a trailer for $500

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    DITO !!

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    Considering what a used trailed costs for people that need one, this isn't a bad deal.

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    anyone in florida want to buy 2 skis,, I,ll sell-em for $400 firm, all I want is the trailer, one goes thru the water just not super fast and other the parts needed are on ebay for $145, never been on a jet ski and have no desire to get on one you pickup bring your own trl.

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