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    Looking for 65U GP1200 Triple pipes

    Factory pipe is qouting a few hundred to get my current pipes fixed. If someone has a set laying around that hold pressure I may be interested if the price is right and the condition is good. I don't even need a complete kit just the actual pipes if you got them. Let me know what you got.

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    So much for their lifetime warranty lol

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    Yea they claimed they had no warranty on the Riva Pipes. Just paid them close to $500 to zend me two new pipes that were beyond repair and shipping. And no warranty on the two new ones I just bought. Where is this lifetime warranty policy? I personally have never sseen it.

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    they had a lifetime warranty on the gpr pipes but never on the 97-99 triples. Those were never mass produced and probably sold a small percentage compared to the gpr pipes. I have welded the gp pipes a million times and are an easy fix just tim consuming. There was no "riva pipes" they were just factory pipes that were used for racing back in the late 90s. When dan lamey came out with the pv 1200 65u motor and prduced the lay down pipes that wraped around the front of the motor factory could never keep up with the power. This was the true yami race boat back in the day. It ran the lamey motor with lay down pipes, seadoo bottom hull, 148mm skat pump. Riva decided to get into the market and make a "race boat" to the public. They ran the regular gp hull and motor, bigger pistons, riva head, factory pipe triple pipes, xo prop, and some riva stuff and I think it had a price of like 14,000 or something.

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    i got a set of triples for the gp1200,real good shape,looking for 600

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    Already got the set from Factory Pipe. Thanks for the offer.

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