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    Turning boat lift into double pwc life

    Has anyone turned an old boat lift into a double pwc lift? Looking to do this soon. Interested to hear people ideas and see pictures. Thanks

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    Would think u could just set up 2 sets of Bunks and would be good to go

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    I bought a boat lift several years ago to do the conversion but it turned into a headache getting on and off the skis from dock. I ended buying drive on ez ports and have found them to work well. I have guests using my skis and there is little worry of hitting the ezport and damaging the ski while the boat lift was a target for the skis to be driven into.
    Also, I found the shorestation boat lift I was using too narrow for the width of two skis sitting side by side.

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    I would mount one set of bunks higher than the other so when you want to take only one ski out you don't have to worry about the other floating off.

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    I prefer this type of lift if you are going to leave them near the water, I have seen some really nice ones with decking around the skis when they are on the lift. The other ones I like are the long ramps that are just attached to the bulkhead at the top and angle down to the water, they have a winch at the top to secure the skis and the skis slide on carpeted bunks.


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