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    msx 110 oil problem

    Hello, I am new to the forum and need some help. I bought an msx110 over winter and started it today for the first time. After running a few seconds it started pumping oil 10 feet in the air out of a diaphram with a hole in it located below and under the oil tank, on the battery side of machine. Can anyone tell me what to look for? Thanks for any help offered.

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    Welcome to Green Hulk! Your in the right place... the few of us Weber engine, Polaris 4-stroke guys left, call this place home.

    Sounds like you have too much oil in the tank. If you filled the oil tank to the "MAX" mark on the dipstick... then you are WAY overfilled. Before you do anything else... please check your oil level. Here is the proper oil level checking procedure:

    with a cold engine... start it and let it run for 20 seconds (this amount of time won't hurt it out of the water... no hose needed)
    turn off engine
    unscrew dipstick from oil tank and wipe clean
    reinsert dipstick but do NOT thread it in
    pull and read oil level

    You want to see the oil level from just barely on the bottom of the stick... or anywhere up to the 'MIN' mark... but not above 'MIN'!

    The hole you have oil squirting out is the oil separator/cyclone on the battery side of the oil tank. This is supposed to help pull the oil out of the oily vapors coming out of the oil tank. When you overfill the oil in the tank... it just floods into the separator (some might shoot out like you see)... and the rest will travel down the long emissions, recirc hose to the airbox. This is bad. All that oily gunk will get sucked back into the turbo and blown into the intake tract.

    The intake sucking of the airbox sucked this mess though the hose into the turbo inlet, out the turbo... into the hose going to the intercooler... messing up your intercooler... then out the other hose... messing up the MAP sensor located there... into the intake manifold... and depending on how much gunk got sucked through... this can mess up the MAP sensor on the side of the intake manifold too. These fouled sensors gave the ECU bad reading and made the ski run poorly and go into limp mode.

    Pull the hose from turbo to intercooler... and intercooler to intake. Got gunk in them? Heavy oily residue? If so... you got the dreaded oil ingestion issue. You're going to need to clean all that oil out of the hoses and intercooler. And pull the throttle body off the intake and get down in the hole there and clean the intake manifold too. You can try to clean the MAP sensors (electronics cleaner, perhaps?)... but many folks report this doesn't work. The upper MAP sensor (intercooler to intake pipe) also has a secondary function of intake air temperature sensing (the MAP on the intake manifold is pressure only). The filament in the MAP sensor that reads air temp is very delicate... and is damaged by oil fouling. So you can try it... but when all said and done and all the oil is cleaned out of the intake tract and all traces of water are out of the oil system... and you run the ski and it still doesn't run right (maybe limp mode)... could probably be ruined MAP sensors. New ones are $45 from GM Direct... exact matches.

    Let's hope you caught it soon enough to prevent too much oily gunk from sucking into the intake.

    Take time to read through this good MSX/Weber info here: http://polarispwcknowledge.shorturl....10-and-msx-150

    Good luck. Let us know how it goes!


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    Thanks for the info I'll do what you said and hope for the best. I appreciate the help!

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