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    1998 gtx 951 + 2 beeps + long beep + wont start ...Please help

    Hello, I just bought a 98 gtx 951 carbed.

    guy didnt know why it stopped working.

    im getting 2 beeps, press start and nothing, but if i hold start for 9 seconds i get a long 4 sec beep.

    red lights flashes on display (but display itself is broken too)

    i was able to jump solenoid and have 140psi on both cylinders.

    any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Long beep

    The troubleshooting guide in the 98 Manual shows 4 different things that can cause a long beep when the star button is depressed.

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    could you guide me to where i can see the possible causes, or could you post them here. thanks.

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    I'm not having much luck copy and pasting the data out of the PDF file, but here is some of it. There is a ton more about how to use the Advanced Diagnostic Mode as well.

    I highly recommend you just download the manual.

    Basic Self-Diagnostic Mode
    It is self-activated when the safety lanyard cap is being installed on the watercraft switch. It gives immediate
    monitoring. Some codes may occur only when pressing the start/stop button. Refer to the following
    2 short beeps
    (while installing
    safety lanyard on
    watercraft switch)
    • Safety lanyard is
    recognized by the MPEM.
    • Ignition is authorized, engine can start.
    1 long beep
    (while installing
    safety lanyard on
    watercraft switch or
    when pressing
    start/stop button)
    • Safety lanyard on switch
    for more than 10 minutes
    without starting engine.
    • Bad connection between
    safety lanyard cap and
    • Remove and reinstall safety lanyard on switch.
    • Remove and replace the safety lanyard on the
    switch until 2 short beeps are heard to indicate
    the system is ready to allow engine starting.
    • Unprogrammed or
    defective safety lanyard.
    • Use the safety lanyard that has been programmed
    for the watercraft. If it does not work, check
    safety lanyard condition with the programmer.
    Replace safety lanyard if reported defective. If it
    still does not work, enable more detail about the
    • Salt water in safety
    lanyard cap.
    • Clean safety lanyard cap to remove salt water.
    • Improper operation of
    MPEM or defective wiring
    • Enable advanced diagnostic mode to obtain more
    detail about the failure.
    8 short beeps • Defective MPEM
    • Replace MPEM.
    Continuous beep • Engine overheating. • Refer to TROUBLESHOOTING CHART 03-01.

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    problem fixed!!

    The problem was the staret solenoid! freaking thing, i had used a spare one and i guess that one was broken too! but thats all it was. thanks everyone.

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