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    VXR Fibreglass Hull Damage

    Hi All,

    Im new to posting here however have gained some great information from these forum and really appreciate it.

    I was hoping someone maybe able to give me some insight into how much damage I have done to my ski over the weekend.

    Attached is a photo of the damage I have done. In short I pulled up at the boat ramp on low tide stopped on top of a rock. I am still kicking myself for doing this, I should know better. It looks like I have stripped away around 2 - 3mm of fibreglass

    My questions are,
    How thick are these hulls?
    Will having this repaired compromise the structural integrity of the ski and one day blow out whilst i'm riding?

    I ride alone a lot and I'm concerned about it failing when I am out by myself.
    I have also spend a far amount of money on after market mods and really don't want to sell the ski.

    Any information or recommendations would be great.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    I feel your pain-I had to have the keel repaired on my FZS and it was a lot of work. NanoXcel requires the use of the proper materials in order for the repair to last. Do a search here to see what others have done. That looks like a deep gouge to me and you may have to carve a hole through the hull in order to reinforce the area from the back with resin/mat. It is my opinion, based on the experience I've had, that once this material is damaged it flexes more because it is weakened in the damaged area. This causes the patch to come out if it is not strengthened. Good luck!

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    Oops ... I can certainly understand your concern. You must get that repaired. Dont have to sell the ski .... but you must make repairs. I have seen worse though, all the way thru ! Yamaha NanoXcel composits must be repaired with correct materials from an experienced hull shop. Do your research here and then set out to find the right shop ... not sure about Aussi dollar ... but it will be a pretty penny to fix. Remember, you have to repair anyway ... even if you choose to sell. Good Luck Mate

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    Will need to be repaired with a quality epoxy type resin, West Systems is what I use. Acrylic or polyester resins will not work with that Nanocell or SMC. If a repairshop tells you differently then they are not experienced enough to deal with that. Your ski is not fiberglass.

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    Duke has repaired a few gouges in my vs with marinetex with no issues at all. But nothing that deep, that looks pretty bad..

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    If you use a quality epoxy resin, it shouldn't be too difficult to repair. We fixed about a 4x4 inch hole in a friends ski 4 years ago and its still as good as the day we repaired it.

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    If you have someone else
    do the work, be certain they understand NanoXcel,
    and the proper techniques and products for repair.
    Good luck, I feel your pain!

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    This is a thread you might want to check out. CaptReza helped me. Your VXR is not fiberglass I don't think. This will fix nano and fiberglass.

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    Bringing this to the top because I don't want to start a new thread.

    Ski I'm looking at was a repo and was placed on the asphalt. Drug around a little bit and the paint is scuffed. No issues with the hull structurally, but was wondering if it can simply be repainted. Buddy owns a body shop and could easily repaint the hull, if it's not a more complicated process. Ski is in like new condition other than that.

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    Epoxy has enough secondary bond strength to hold a repair in this material and he knows how to take it from there. Yes, it will hold paint better than the original because your body man will take the time to prep.

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