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    1998 Polaris 700

    Help, I just got on looking for some help with the same problem. I just purchased a 1998 700 polaris Jet Ski 2 days ago and it is dying as soon as I take off. Sounds simular to yours. It idles just fine but as soon as I take off and just before it planes it dies but will start right back up. I changed the plugs and it has 102-105 compression. Any suggestions?
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    Welcome to the Hulk

    Give us some background info. How long have you owned this machine? Which model is it?

    What is the recent service history?

    What diagnostics have you done so far?

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    Just purchased it from a friend 2 days ago. It ran fine last summer and was put up for the winter in his shop. The model is SLTH with a red motor. Could it be the carborators are gummed up? But it idles just fine. I have changed the plugs and checked the compression.

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    Compression is pretty low if its only 105. I would be looking in the carbs too.

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