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    Sold my 2004 XLT 1200

    I finally sold my 2004 XLT 1200 that I bought new in 2005 and used till 2011 , it had 400+ hours on it, It blew an engine in July 2011 and engine was heavily damaged,engine case had a hole it it,bent crankshaft and one cylinder and housing destroyed. I sold the ski with the engine and all other parts included with an old trailer for $1500 cash,did I sell it too cheap or did I get a good deal and whould of I gotten more if I parted it out? The guy I sold it to is going to rebuild it and use it again so I feel beter about that than selling to someone who whould rip apart my great first ski that I had so much history with.

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    No you did well in todays market ... 04 1200 XLT with blown engine is only woth is in the hull. And used trailers are not bringing much. Good Job ... now what ski do you have?

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    I wonder the same about my 99 gp1200 - to part it out or sale it whole. ( with out with out trailer ) I just finished rebuilding engine so I don't really know what to do.... :-/

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    I now have a 2012 FX SHO in all black color, I even mention it in my signature, I bought it new in August of last year,I have 33.5 hours on it now. My 2004 XLT had a hull that was in quite a good condition as I kept it in a garage,the bottom hull did have a decent amount of scratches though and the front storage basket is cracked and it had 420+ hours on it and I never rebuilt the carbs on it so Im not sure what kind of condition they are in they might need to be rebuilt too. A good bonus for me is the guy that bought it is going to restore it and promised to let me ride my old ski again once he fixes it.

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