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Thread: MFD issue

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    MFD issue

    Hey guys its been a while..Med school is consuming up most my time but this summer I have some time to take out the skis. Over the years the (round) MFD on my 95' slt750 has been getting dimmer an there a way to take it apart an fix the issue or do i need to get a new one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    There is a well documented method for opening the case on the oval MFD. The usual reason for this is to restore the LCD display to full contrast as it is common for the digits to fade with time.

    In your case there must be a crack or other problem that is allowing water inside. Normally these MFD are 100% sealed and zero moisture should be getting inside.

    See my signature links for the details on MFD repair. Scroll down to the section on How to repair faded digits in oval MFD display
    Here ya go, It also has instructions for the round MFD.
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