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    2001 Polaris Virage tx

    I am new to all of this. I just got a Virage tx, fuel injected, 3 cylinders. Previous owner said it had 64 hours (The meter suddenly went to 553.5 hours) and ran good when he stored it two years ago. I put in a new battery and plugs and it turns over nicely. 11.4 amps while cranking. BUT, I get no spark and no fuel smell on plugs after it turns over.
    Seems to me that maybe it has lost a ground and maybe cut the electric - seems like everything is dead, but it looks nice Any starter help would be appreciated.

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    Fuel Injected Virage three cylinder is known as Virage TXi

    The 533 hours happened to one of my MFI displays. Battery voltage glitch when reconnecting the battery cables caused it, I suspect.

    When the machine has been sitting untouched for more than five minutes, with lanyard already in place, do this test. Without touching anything else, press the Start button for a couple of seconds, and watch the MFI display. Does the display 'wake up' and speedo needle do a full sweep?

    Make sure you are using the correct spark plugs. NGK PZFR6H, no substitutes.

    Check the circuit breakers (Reset buttons) near the battery. Neither should be popped up.

    Report back, and we can work forwards.

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