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    buffing the seadoo silver metallic gelcoat

    I'm trying to buff shine back to a small hazy area on my 08 rxt-x but can't get it perfect. I'm using a professional rotary machine with a sonax medium pad. Tried both meguiars car paint and gelcoat cut compound, but none are able to give me a perfect shine. Wetsanding also offcourse. Maybe the rough metallic flakes in the gelcoat are giving me problems?

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    I've used Meguires scratch X remover on mine. Worked great on taking surface scratches and dull makes made by the cover rubbing on the paint. Have no metalic though.

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    Normal single colour gelcoat works great, I think it's this very coarse metallic that's playing games with me.

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    if your getting metal flakes when rubbing, you will not get it to shine, you must clear coat.
    when i sand and buff gelcoat I finish sanding with 1500/2000

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    I finish with 1500 paper before buffing. I'm getting feedback from others that the silver metallic gelcoat is a pain to buff for perfect shine.

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    3m finess it then 3m perfect it with a variable speed buffer and good pad. Don't bother sanding. My father was a professional painter 1/2 his life and did some serious work. Bestowed the knowledge on me which I have used.

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