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    2001 Yamaha 1200xl floor mistake...

    Hello all! So glad I found this forum....

    To make a long story short I was removing my old hydroturf on my Yamaha 1200xl and let my buddy (against my better judgement) convince me to use a paint stripper to remove the adhesive. We had tried goo gone and letting it sit, etc.... but nothing worked. Well case in point he left the stripper on way too long and now part of the paint is gone in some places (surprise???) and there are a few small spots where you can see the fiberglass..... What in the world do I do to remedy this situation???? He will pay or help me do it. Should we clean it up more and sand it all down or what?

    Pics will come later tonight as I am heading in to work... Thanks guys!

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    Marine-tex epoxy works great for fiberglass touch ups. From the sound of it, you shouldn't have any structural issues. Original matching paint is here...

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