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    Smile Selling broken Jet Skis vs parting out (advice)

    I have 3 Kawasaki STX-1200 (all 2006's), and an 05 Honda 12F (The 12F is the only one running, was fixed at a PWC repair shop, it is ready to ride). I bought them for an investment in my brothers boat rental business. That was in 2006. I got them back in 2009. Beat to heck, all three not running, I don't even know what is wrong with them. I have a compression tester, but have not bothered yet to check them. I was told these skis went to Kawasaki many times for repairs, and even repaired blown motors. After warranties ran out, I was left with broken skis, no trailers. They were stored with no covers, and they have lots of cosmetic damage from hitting the docks constantly without dock bumpers. They are in rough condition.

    I am mechanically inclined, I work on cars and dirt bikes, ATV's. I am not a mechanic. We just have a lot of toys (8 dirt bikes, 3 go-kart buggy things, and 3 ATV's). I like wrenching on bikes and ATV's. Cars, not so much, just have done so when I have to. I have no experience working on pwc's. I can tell looking at them, the engines look almost exactly like the 95 Honda Civic engine. (We had that Civic a long time, great car). I have no interest at all in fixing these ski's to use them. We do not live near a lake, and are not lake people. Off-road riding is what me, my two boys, and my wife enjoy.

    I feel I am perfectly capable of tearing down these skis to part out. I am good with photography, the computer, etc, and can clearly communicate what parts I am selling. I am already an ebay seller, and am very familiar with buying and selling. I do have the factory service manuals for all the skis. I want to sell the Honda as a running machine, since it is!

    My PWC mechanic said I could likely get $500 per broken ski, just as-is where is.

    ====== Now asking my question ====== (for the tl;dr ppl)
    Any of you people who have parted out skis, do you have an opinion about taking the $500 (approx) and cutting bait, vs parting out?

    Comments and opinions welcome.

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    where are you located? That will play a big part of the complete ski value.

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    Central Texas, about halfway between Houston and Dallas. Nearest big Lakes: One hour to Lake Conroe. 1.5 hrs to Lake Limestone. 2 hours to Lake Livingston.

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    I'd part them out, but keep in mind that you'll probably get stuck with some items. If the hulls are in poor condition, you might end up hauling them to the dump. However, items like the speedometer display and ignition box can bring quite a bit of money.

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    I've always had better luck (read; more money) parting out.
    Granted it was with car parts, not skis, but the concept was the same. I blew up two engines in my Honda Prelude, and wound up making roughly 1K parting out EACH motor. Versus the value of a blown motor is what, $100??

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