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    Old School VF3's 1200 & 1100

    As per request from forum members were working on retrofitting the new style MOTO TASSINARI VF3's for the "old school" motors 1200(65U) and 1100's. Thes are a totally different cage than the current ones used in the 1200/1300R kits as they are too big for the cases. In talking with MOTO, they feel that there will be a substantial gain over the standard VF2's designed for the motor.
    The new reeds will be a 16 petal design, and hopefully there would not be an adapter needed to keep costs down and after machining should bolt up to the manifold as the stock reed cages do. Theyre sending me some "blank" manifolds to machine and retrofit.

    Basically looking for a count of how many would be interested in this productas to not waste valuable R&D time and machine work.

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    You da man Carl!

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    ....back from the dead.... J-ME's Avatar
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    My dreams are being answered

    Put me in for a set.

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    Carl I would be interested any idea on cost?

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    I am also in for a set or 2. The biggest opportunity for raw sales for moto would be to market the new cage at the superjet & blaster users. Those boats are still being actively raced and the SJ is a current model. I am pretty sure that I know some guys that would upgrade their VF2's if they had the opportunity to run 3's. The fact that we need 3 cages instead of 2 is incidental to moto's total sales opportunity. They might also sell more if they listed them on their website. I think the last time I checked, MT didn't list any watercraft.

    Thanks for taking up the task.

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    I'm in for a set

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    If the price is Right, I'm in.

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    My 62T would love a set.

    I'm in.

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    P.S. You may want to post this on X-h20.

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    I Am In Also....................but You Knew That !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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