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    XL760 wont start, wont turn over.

    just purchased 2 jetskis, 99 xl760 and 98 seadoo gtx.
    99 yamaha xl760:
    cluster gauge is broken too.
    when i put lanyard on kill switch and hit start NOTHING happens.
    i bought a whole new cdi/starter solenoid/coil (the entire electrical box) and replaced everything and still NOTHING happens when i hit the start button.
    I disconnected the black/white harness from the start switch, sprayed the carbs and jumped the starter solenoid and i was able to get jetski to start AND run
    so i figured i needed a new start/stop switch.
    bought a USED switch and still NOTHING!
    any suggestions/help/advice would be appreciated it.

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    Might have something to do with the gauge cluster, if I am not mistaken, when the battery goes dead, you have to enter the lock code. Hold the mode buttom until it ask for it. If the battery hasnt been dead, the whole gauge being bad could be the problem, Id think.
    Might be a way to by pass this, but I dont know of it.

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    yea theres like an anti-theft system with these. people are telling me to hold the mode button (eventhough im not getting power to the gauge and i think its broken) then it will prompt me to enter a code and enter AAAA
    I will try this tomorrow and report back.

    thanks for your post

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    i did more research and came across the anti-theft system these have, basically everytime you take the battery out or put a new battery you have to reset the dash.

    pretty simple:

    once you have the new battery in place press and hold the MODE button on the dash until it asks you to enter a CODE

    enter AAAA and it will beep and say START

    well i did exactly that and it still WONT start

    now i need to check fuses..

    would anyone know which fuses to check and where are they located?

    another question: do they use a key programmed to the specific watercraft like the seadoos?

    i didnt get a key/lanyard from the guy i bought it from but i had a spare one that just holds the kill button up.. (thats all i need to start this jetski correct?

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    so far:

    I have a 99 xl760 that I cannot get to crank/start pressing the start switch.

    I was able to get it to start and run by jumping the starter solenoid and unplugging the kill switch. So I know that everything in the electrical box is working, plus I also tested 2 different starter solenoids... so im getting spark

    I also bought another start/kill switch and just installed it and still nothing happens when I press the start button

    I also reset the dash but entering the reset code AAAA and I get the “start” message from the dash and still nothing.

    At this point I have no other ideas.
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    Problem fixed!

    im sure the first switch was fine but I didnt know about the resetting of the dash.

    i bought another start switch and it had the kill switch stuck so i fixed that and did the reset and BAHM! STARTS RIGHT UP.

    Hope this helps others!

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