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    How to check XP DI Fuel Pressure?

    Hey guys,

    My 2004 Sea-Doo XP DI is having troubles starting. It takes about 30 seconds of pressing the 'Start' button to get it going. But once it gets going it will work for a minute then it will just shut off completely. It seems/feels like a fuel problem.

    I was out on the ocean yesterday everything was running fine. I shut it off to talk to friends. Then it wouldn't start up, after getting it started I headed back to the dock when it bogged down and almost died. I then pinned the throttle heading towards the dock at 50mph and it just shut off completely. I got it started again after a minute then made it back to the dock.

    I have been trying to diagnose the problem but I have had no luck.


    The engine is turning over, spark plugs have been tested and are good. I replaced the screen on the bottom of the fuel pump in the gas tank today and still nothing.


    I am wondering if it has to do with the fuel pressure?

    Does anyone know if the pressure gauge goes on the return side or go into the plug on the fuel rail (opposite side of the fuel rail hose).

    Where can I get one of the pressure test kits?
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    I took both spark plugs out, one at a time to see if the fuel injectors were spraying and they both were. I could get the engine to run both on one cylinder on both sides.

    I also took off the fuel line before the fuel rail to see if I had good flow of fuel and it does.


    Just found this video on YouTube, its doing the exact same thing as in this video:
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