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    Question 04 RXP ceramic washers and oil pump questions

    I just bought a 2004 RXP and am learning allot from this site, the seadoo has 209 HR's on it, i got a new wear ring and impeller installed, just did valve job with a new ferrea valve kit, oil change with new filter and lastly just had the supercharger rebuilt, the guy i bought it from didn't know anything about the seadoo, he said it was all stock and 200 HR maintenance needed to be done. when my mechanic pulled the supercharger it had worn out gold washers intact but i beleive if they are gold they arent the ceramic ones? My question is how long would the seadoo run for if a ceramic washer had been blown through the oil system before it has obvious engine issues? i just spent allot of money doing the above listed repairs and i don't want to drain the new oil just to remove the front oil pump. my thoughts are he had the supercharger rebuilt and rode it for over 60 HR's maybe even 100 by the looks of the charger bearing and washers. should i still be worried or would it be safe to say its nothing to be worried about? thank you for your help.

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    If it has the gold washers then the supercharger has been rebuilt at some point with the 06-07 rebuild kit.

    Nobody can tell you how long an engine will last if it had a ceramic washer failure, but I assure you if the engine wasn't cleaned of the debris the oil pumps will fail and so will your engine eventually.

    I highly recommend you pull off the front oil scavenger pump assembly and inspect the pump for damage and debris in the oil pump screen. If you do find debris and damage then this means the ski was not repaired properly. You will then want to remove the engine, remove rear PTO housing and inspect rear oil pump. It's not as hard as it sounds.

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    I have a 2007 rxp and bought it with 24 hours on it and the dealer had just updated to the 08 charger kit. . It now has 161 hours on it and the charger was rebuilt at 90 hours. Last season my oil pump found pieces of ceramic washer. So I put 137 hours on the motor and avoided damage until now but unfortunately was not told that ceramics exploded before I bought it. I think I may have gotten lucky to not have done serious damage but it is getting torn down and cleaned out. But my point is if you think the ceramics broke and they are in there fix it properly or it will cost a lot more when the timing chain busts.

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    Thats the thing i dont know, it could have had the washers replaced to prevent the ceramic from blowing into the engine or it could have been because the washers did blow. My mechanic did perform an oil pressure test and informed me everything checked out find and also said the head was full of oil so pressure is good as he is changing my vavles from stock to the ferrera valves. The doo sounds perfect and everything checks out. I dont know what to do

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