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    GP800R Bad Battery/Running Issues

    Besides starting issues, will a bad battery mess with the ignition system while running resulting in bogging, etc? 2004 GP800R


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    I don't think so if the charging system is working properly. but just wait for more people to chime in , cause i'm not 100% sure.

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    that depends how "bad'" the battery is. Also if the charging system regulator has failed, you could be sending too high voltages and/or a/c ripple into the electrical system which WILL cause ignition problems.

    You need a good quality digital voltmeter for the next steps.

    I'll assume you';ve jumpstarted this ski a few times, so there's a good chance the regulator is bad.

    check voltage at idle speed, then at 5-6k rpm..then switch meter to AC and repeat.

    post results.

    uh..buying a new battery should precede all of the above.

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