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    Tiny Tach, best price....?

    Hello all, whos got the best deal on the Tiny Tach? Best I seen is $45.00 free shipping...

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    ive got a new one . don't remember the model number but its new never use.

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    If that is the same one I have you have already found the best deal. I gave $200. For the one I have.

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    Buy the pet tach

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatdude596 View Post
    Buy the pet tach
    Hah. If he's asking for the cheapest tiny tach he obviously doesn't want to spend $300 for a PET.

    OP, the standard will work for 2 strokes but get the commercial version if you want a max rpm memory and faster updating and buy it directly from the company or buy the tach Jerry sells, its $49.95 and he fully supports what he sells.

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    You want the commercial version of Tiny Tach usually since it can capture the max RPM reading on a run along with a few other features. The basic Tiny Tach does not. They have a 5 year+ battery and require no external power.

    I received 3 extras by mistake last week and do not have to return them - BRAND NEW from TT factory. If you want one PM me...60 with shipping (US) and receipt copy from Tiny Tach showing they are new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gp1200x View Post
    ...60 with shipping (US)
    Haha.... First, they are crap. Second, he already found a cheaper one.
    And you want to sell what you received for free more than eBay prices.

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    First off....mine are the commercial ones and not the cheaper ones you referred to. The commercial ones give MAX RPM readout and holds it in storage which is what you want. Cheaper one for $45 does not. Mine have only a ground and spark plug lead. There is no 12V connection required. Battery is internal and lasts 5+ years. Warranted by Tiny Tach based on date stamped on back of tach. Mine are new....ones on Ebay can be years old!!. My price is negotiable too but I will not give them way. These are ones I have.....features are different from the TT2a model. Mine are the CCT-2 models. Read before you mouth

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    I know this is an old thread,

    BUT if anybody is interested in buying this Tiny Tach using the above link; dont foreget to enter GREENHULK into the promotinos/discound section for a 10% discount off parts! Makes this $55 shipped

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