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    Need Help setting Static Timing Setting for 1996 1050 SLTX-installed upgrade stator

    I just purchased an upgrade stator for my SLTX 1050 1996 Plaris. The book calls for a Polaris tool to set the static timing. Do I have to have the tool to set the timing? The unit was running when I purchased it but when I followed the test someone posted on this site the stator failed the test so I changed the stator. I do not have anyone locally that can set the timing for me and I do not see how they can get to it if I put the engine back in. I did not move the flywheel hub so the timing has not been changed from the old stator. If anyone can guide me through this I would appreciate it.

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    If you only changed the stator you should be fine and not have to worry about timing.

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    Thanks for the quick feedback, I appreciate it!

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