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    Exclamation Desperate need help!!! 2005 rxp & rxt

    Hello all that could help, I'm from AUS and had just purchased 2 skis from California, RXP & RXT. I was told of any issues whatsoever and I am relatively new to the whole jet ski scene, Problem 1, after taking the rxp out on the water, it maxed out at 50mph/ 6250rpm @WOT, could anyone know what is causing this, I have checked the supercharger and it doesn't spin freely, however it does still have the ceramic washers which I will be replacing. Problem 2, the RXT I have taken it into the water and was unable to run, closer inspection I had to change wear ring. impeller, bearings etc . ClLOSER inspection I had checked the supercharger and it was able to spin very freely, quite sure that the washers had blown up, How do I rectify this problem....? :S Thanks, Jason

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    Jeez Jason, sorry to hear about your heartache.... Remove the charger in the RXT to confirm that the washers are gone, I suspect this is the case. If so, you will need to have the engine pulled and oil pumps and screens removed, inspected and thoroughly cleaned out. You need to get all the debris from the ceramic washers out of the engine, do a search, there are many threads on this topic. Did the RXT turn over at all?

    I'd be checking compression on both skis to see where you are at, also check the slip on the charger on the rxp. Clearly the seller has been dishonest, so I would be expecting the worst. Sorry mate.

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    Do a compression test on them at least will tell you the engine is OK.
    Also, the 05 suffered from valve issues if the ski was not maintained properly.
    Do you know if the previous owner fogged the engine after riding it?

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    Yes the rxt turns over and starts/runs whoever on acceleration have a loud grinding noise, ill have to pull the motor out and have a look

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    It should be standard procedure to pull the cover and check the front pump on any used 215. Washer failure is common. And fixing right is not.......its sick!

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