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    oil dripping out exhaust

    Just started up my 1996 Polaris 780 SL, it was running poorly last season. It will start and rev up briefly, but with a lot of smoke and then 1-2 onces of oil will drip out the exhaust. There is also some oil in the bilge. I fogged it, but did not put that much oil in the cylinders. Is something cracked and need of a major rebuild, or could it be something minor?


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    Oily residue mixed with water makes for a messy exhaust when first run after the engine has been fogged.

    I would take it down to the launch ramp, back it in (still fully strapped down to the trailer) until the jet pump is submerged, then start and run it for a few minutes. You can even apply some throttle. The engine should warm up and burn off whatever oil has accumulated inside. Within a few minutes it should be running with way less smoke. If not, something is wrong.

    While you have it running at the ramp, take the seat off and inspect for water leaks, correct engine temperature, etc.

    Since it was running poorly last season, read through the common maintenance items for your blue Fuji engine. You may need to pay attention to the carburetors and fuel system, in particular.

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