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    Seriously spill the beans which impeller

    Seriously I keep hearing this and that bout solas 14/21 and skat trak twin impeller. But come on does any1 trully have both and can speak for them? Cuz honestly that's alot of money to just drop on an impeller that won't make a difference.

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    yer why not make someone else do it, im happy with the 14/21 always have been always will be

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    I allrady posted the info in the same thread you posted in. For a stock ski don't get the twin impeller. 14/21 if anything. But honestly I think for you stock is the best.

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    I have been serious with you all along. Leave it stock. I have many reasons I have told you this. You are reading too much into everything on here.
    PM txsportswomn and ask her if her stock prop is not good enough.
    Granted she won the regional title in women't LIMITED
    I had a problem with my ski championship weekend. I had to borrow her ski to compete and with her bone stock ski with only an SCOM. I won my title with that races points. I won all my motos against a VERY fast limited class RXPX with her stock ski with the stock prop.

    You will not turn the skat twin with your ski. We have non stock ECUs and modified skis to turn it. Forget about that all together.

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