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    1996 seadoo challenger cavitation

    Hello, I am a newbie when it comes to 2 stroke / jet boats but am very mechanically inclined. I have a 1996 seadoo challenger that i had rebuilt and the carbs rebuilt as well. I have a skat-trak 17/22 impeller and basically all stock else where. I am having a cavitation issue i believe. I rebuilt the pump new bearings/seals new "HD" carbon seal and steel ring. I also purchased a seadoo alignment tool. When i installed the alignment tool i had 2 washers on the top studs for the pump when i aligned, should i have left them off? when i installed carbon seal it doesnt look perfectly lined up. Now, i have taken this boat out for the first time and it seems to take forever to plane with alot of bow rise doesnt matter if i mess with trim or not and stays bow up for ~20 seconds from a holeshot. now it takes a little bit to get to the "top speed" which i have not verified but it feels like 35-40 mph and if i take a turn it seems like i lose more speed than i should no matter if i turn left or right. I resealed the pump shoe to the hull and the screw threads that protrude in the hull. It doesnt look like there is and water leaking in the carbon seal but possibly sucking air. There are 3 grooves on the driveshaft i cant tell from the manual whether the 2 are for the oring and the last for the clip or if they are there to increase pressure on the seal. The pump also has a new wear ring with set screws and a new impeller boot. There is no driveshaft protector on the outside. Thanks for all the help that i have gotten from this place without all of you id still be at step 1!

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    one thing it sounds like you have way too high pitch prop

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    This is what impros suggested 17/22 or 14.5/22.5 I thought alot of people used this impeller on these boats with great results

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    maybe the 14:22 bat the 1722 is way too muchno more power than the engines haveI would probably go with a 14 18

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    Hello, I also recently just purchases a 96 challenger, and was slow to get our of the hole... but not anymore! I'm new to jet boats and wanted to learn as much as possible, after about three days of reading forums here's what i can give ya... you're probably fine with the impeller but my fix came from three things, I cleaned the RAVE valves (super easy, little black balls on top the engine) with Carb cleaner and 400 grit sand the person before me wasn't using synthetic oil and they were a MESSSSS, then I cleaned my air filter really well with carb cleaner and power washer and held it up to light to make sure it was all cleaned out... then i pulled the pump grate off the bottom of the boat and used silicone all around the pump housing and wear ring on all the seams... (this was my quick way to seal the pump housing with out pulling it off the boat... and between those three things i dropped it in and BAM soooo much better... but then after realizing how little general maintenance the previous owner did i checked the spark plug gap and greased all the cables and greased the drive shaft (under the gray cover inside the motor housing) then i decided to pull the control levers and grease inside there too... well that's when i found my VTS (variable Trim System was connected to anything... the nut had fell off and it disconnected, turns out this happened to someone else with this boat and they wrote about it as well... but anyways the trim system also has a self centering neutral feature that i bypassed so you always have control over the trim (just a wire you can disconnect... Then i rigged the slide tabs together with some nuts and bolts and a zip tie to the mounting plate, and now i have full trim capabilities too... and lastly i just read about throwing some Nauticus Trim Tabs on it to ride smoother for 140 from cabellas, ill prob do that tomorrow also but my initial three things were air filter RAVE valves and pump housing from inside the grate before the impeller! GOOD LUCK its been so much more fun since it working better, and i dont have a skat swirl... but i want one

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    I bet your trim isn't connected also...

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