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    Hey folks have question about the GTX DI skis. (sorry this is going to be a long)

    Ok so first off I like to say thank you in advance for any info that yall help me out with.

    So I have had a 95 spx and a 97 gsx for about a year now, both skis are bitchen (although i dont really ride the spx its to small for me ie the handle). I'm pretty heavy guy and the gsx does not have a boarding/swim step. The other issue I have is my disability leaves me with a little fingers on my right hand (that dont bend persay) the thumb is normal though. So I origanlly was just going to add a step and do the throttle conversion, bot both are spendy. In talking with my repair guy he said getting my ski serviced, selling it and buying something along the lines of a GTX DI would be about the same money as modding the gsx to work with for me. So now that yall have the back ground of the question, here is the question. I have read quite a bit on here and on green hulk regaurding the DI, and all but one of the DI's for sell in my area have new or rebuilt engines. Is this common to blow engines on these? What other 3 seater skis would you reccomend? Again thank you for the help everyone.


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    DI's can be money pits. Go right to a 4 stroke. A SD gti 130 would do well and they aren't all that much money these days.

    what's your budget?

    oh yeah, welcome to GH

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    Budget is going to be 500-1000 over what I would get for the gsx if I sold it. I guess im going bang for buck. I dont mind the size/performance of the gsx, its real good. But for similar money out put I can sell it and get a bigger easier to modify ( finger throttle)ski for close to the same money. Or that is at least the goal. And thanks for thr welcome. Gsx service just got done today cant wait to see how much better the things going to be with rebuilt carbs.

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