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    Gp1200r gasket questions

    So im getting ready to put in my island racing built motor in my 01 gpr. Im not sure of what gaskets are reusable or not so if you guys can please help me out with that it would be greatly appreciated. From what i think i need

    exhaust gaskets
    intake manifold
    reed gaskets
    carb gaskets

    is there any more i need to put my motor in? What are reusable and wheres good place to get oem an at a good price.

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    IMHO no gaskets should be reused.... But many have and do. For as cheap as they are go oem new. Cheapest I find them is actually on ebay by a seller named cslem. also has great prices and super fast shipping

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    Is that all the gaskets i need that i listed in first post? Or is there more i need? All im doing is putting carbs and reeds on and dropping it in the ski n putting exhaust on. Its a fully built mptor from island racing. Just unsure if im forgetting any gaskets

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    Look at the micro fiche on

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    The reed cages have their own gaskets on them and you can put a thin layer of grease on both sides before putting the plate on. The exhaust gaskets are multi layered and can be reused. if the Teflon is flaking off you can give them a coat of spray copper coat. never had any leaks on the exhaust so far and reuse them a lot unless they are really bad or someone replaced them already with the paper SBT ones then i put OEM back on it.

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    Just ordered most of the gaskets i need. I noticed on my old plates it look like there was to felt material gaskets on the reed and intake plates? But i cant find them on any oem parts website. Can anyone help me ind these?

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