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    Just bought a 2001 Virage 1200 with 50 hours, do I need a triple fuel pump conversion

    I bought a 2001 1200 carbed Virage that has been in storage for years. It was used three summers, then stored inside until now. It is in excellent condition.

    I have checked compression and cylinders are 147,147,149 front to back. Spark is great on all cylinders. I have not attemped to start this ski yet.

    I plan to empty the fuel, replace the tempo lines and inspect and clean the carbs.

    Do I need a triple fuel pump conversion for this ski?

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    The triple fuel pump upgrade only applies to the blue Fuji 650cc and 750cc engines, not the red domestic engines.

    See my signature links for common maintenance items.

    Since it has been in storage for ten years, your plan is good to remove, disassemble, internally clean, then rebuild the carburetors with genuine OEM rebuild kits. John Zigler of can provide the carb parts.

    These engines require that the entire fuel system be 100% good, and the carbs can easily have gummed up old fuel and dried residue inside.

    Also good to replace all the original fuel hoses, especially if they are the gray Tempo hoses.

    If it was me, I would be going through the machine from end to end. Even if almost everything is still OK, you just cannot know where there may be a potential issue or gotcha waiting to cause greif when you are out on the water. If you want reliability, the only way to achieve it is by doing the work up front.

    A side benefit of doing a thorough pre-ride check and rebuild/update is that you will really know the machine. If some issue does happen, you will know what to check, where to look, and what to do about it, even before you get back to the dock.

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    Thanks for the tips.
    I tore into the carbs last night. They looked pretty good, screens had some yellow wax. The carb closest to the rear of the ski was filled with oil. Is this normal or ok?

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    Cleaned up the carbs and went over the ski. Had it out last weekend. It runs great and it ran 58 mph on GPS. Great ski.

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    58 is right where that ski will run in stock trim

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