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    Polaris SL 750 rpm troubles

    I have a 1994 Polaris sl 750. I am having bogging issues and just replaced the fuel lines triple output pump etc... So I was sitting on it today at idle with not hitting the gas and I turned the bars all the way to the right and the rpms kicked up to about 1700... I but the handle bar back straight and the rpms went back to between 1200 and 1300.. I turned the bars left and the rpms dropped to 800 and below on the verge of stalling out. I'm thinking throttle cable problems???. But not too sure why or how or what kind of fix. Any ideas of the cause and solution? Thanks in advance!

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    Review how the throttle cable is routed. Is it catching or pulling on stuff it shouldn't be?

    Is there some slack in the throttle lever on the handlebar, regardless of left-right steering position? If zero throttle cable slack at any steering position, then something is not right.

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