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    Exclamation Help!!! Supercharger headaches

    Hi everyone, this has probably been discussed numerous times but as i am new and i thought i would ask to see if members can help me with their experience and give me their ideas. First of all I would like to apologize if I do make any spelling & grammar mistakes as English is not my fluent language. As the title state I am having problem with the supercharger on my 2005 RXP 215.

    I bought this jet in 2005 and have been doing the regular maintenance and correct winterizing practices. I do ride it in the ocean and lakes. after every ride I flush it ect... I never had issues with this unit until last year when I found out it was time to do my supercharger barring. I ended up taking my jet to a local shop and they replaced the supercharger barring with RIVA rebuild kit for me. The jet had only ~70 hours on it. I had the jet in the water for 5 hours after that when ...... things went wrong... The jet started sounding different, RPMs dropped to 4200~5000 and it sounded like there was loose parts in the engine, however the engine didnt die and later I found out it was coming from the supercharger. I ended up getting the jet back to shore and as soon as I took the seat off there was steam and antifreeze odor everywhere. after few minutes I managed to look inside the haul and I noticed that all my antifreeze is sitting at the bottom of the haul.

    I took the jet to the shop that did the rebuild kit. Today I went in and had a chat with them. They have done their inspection and have found the leak to be right at the engine side of the supercharger from what they are telling me they have not touched that area where the leak is visible. Of course we all have had bad experiences at shops in the past and I want to be as aware as possible before I make any decisions about upgrades and repairs.
    I am waiting to hear back from them to see what exactly went wrong.
    All I want to know from a member on here is have you ever experienced doing a repair kit on the supercharger and having something go terribly wrong with in few hours? What are the chances? Could it be the mechanics fault or just faulty part? And lastly what do you think I should get myself ready for?

    I really appreciate any feedback I get. My mind is going to many different places but unfortunately I don’t know many people around that understand too much about jet skis
    Cheers !


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    I would re post this in the 4 tec-performance section, you might get more responses there. Sorry to hear about your problems with your ski.

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    need to see what is actually leaking, usually when the supercharger is removed and refitted none of the closed loop cooling system gets touched (unless they have no clue what they are doing)

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    Could they of disconnected or broke a line going to the overflow tank?

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