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    Please help 2002 genesis i 1200

    I have a 2002 genesis i 1200. With all the helpful info on this forum i have upgraded the flywheel to 12 mag , replaced stator, and fixed presure regulator. However the ski has been running great for a few weeks. Last weekend i took i out and was running and all the sudden it shut down. Got it back to the house and checked the spark on each cylinder and no spark from no 1 cyl. 2 and 3 was firing. I charged the battery and checked it again and sometimes i would get spark from no 1 cyl and sometimes not. Now im getting weak spark from no 1 cyl and no 3 and good spark on no 2 cyl. Any ideas? thanks

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    No need to start multiple threads for the same issue.........

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    Sorry man , just trying to get a few replies. Im trying to figure out whats going on with this thing. Can you look over what i wrote and tell me what you think.

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