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    99 Yamaha XL 1200 LTD Overheating

    Hello, Yesterday I fired up my 2 XL1200 One ran fine with no issues. The other one fired right up and ran good, but O did not notice any water coming out of the exhaust or anywhere but from around the pump. I took the water lines loose at the Y and checked. Water was coming in from my hose but ot was all going to the pump. I dont know if it is suposed to go to the pump and then build backpreasure to enter the exhaust chamber. I took all my lines lose and ran water thru them, all good. Ran water into the inlet at the bottom of the xhaust and it flushed thru and came out at the top of my cylinder heads. Any help would be great as to why the water is not flushing thru the system. Also I back flushed the system by putting the hose at the exit port on the pump by the impeller housing and let it run. Water went all thru the system then. Even came out the exit ports at the front of the machine.

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    Just so that everyone knows I fixed the problem. It was trash in the hose/flush connection port. Thanks

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    Thats not a good place to put your trash

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