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    Another "What ski should I buy thread"

    Hi everyone, I'm sorry to start another thread like this, but I am truly torn.

    My plans are to gain experience and do some adventure riding with my wife and hopefully this summer achieve our main goal of a Miami to Bimini ride. So we would need a ski to go everywhere, the ocean chop, as well as lakes and rivers.

    So I made my mind up! Last week I made a deal with the dealer for 2 new 2012 300x's and put down a $500 deposit. I am well aware of the extra oil/spark plug/exhaust filter changes. I know I have to inspect my valve clearance every 50 hrs, and every 25 change the oil, inspect the exhaust filter, clean the IC. Is there anything else I missed? I am vigilante with maintenance, I kept our Sea Ray tip top until we sold it last summer. I was supposed to pay the balance and sign the paperwork yesterday, and take delivery next week. (I requested new in the crate they had to get from another dealer)

    But over last weekend, I read the forums for all the info I could get about the 300x, safety, equipment, riding groups, ect... Then I started to question the looks as if most marina's don't have 91 or better. Which means I almost definitely will not find it in Bimini. What if I didn't do a good job cleaning my waterbox, or what if we go on a 3 day trip, is it safe to go that long without drying it out? Is it safe to go that long without flushing/rinsing/fogging? I don't want to end up like vman with rusty/leaky exhaust valves.

    Has Kawi made any changes to any of the problems? Are '13 models better than the '12?

    So as a result I started looking at the SHO, reading all about it on the forums. It runs on 87, and not as much maintenance is required..But THEN I read all about the clutch problems, bucking off, people with injuries, I would rather have rusty valves than a broken back . Has Yamaha addressed these issues on '13 models? I can't even find out the performance stats for this ski, how fast does it go? Is the acceleration close? I know it is not as fast or as good through the chop, but I think it's the next best ski? Plus my wife and son say the SHO looks like a transformer, they like the looks of the 300, but i'm starting to think this may be the best ski for what we want. Plus with the Yamaha, I could eventually mod it, because we all know we need more speed!

    So to recap,

    I need a ski to go through chop as well as lakes and rivers.
    Only 1 or 2 riders
    Must have acceleration and go at least 65
    Price: The 300's I had a $12,200 each out the door everything included and the dealer said the SHO would be more because I would have to get '13 models
    The 300 storage is ideal for our trips
    The SHO is lighter and handles better?
    The SHO can be modded, but will it require 91 after the mods?

    If I bought the 300 I would be reading the Kawi side and would read less of Yomamma's posts... Just kidding Yomama, I have read enough here to know brand loyalty gets everybody's blood going. I don't really care, I have owned neither, but I will probably have an opinion a year from now after spending time with whatever I decide on.

    I put this on the Kawi side because I originally was going to get the 300, but everybody's input would be appreciated. I hope the Yamaha guys see this, I didn't want to make a duplicate post over there.


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    You have a lot of legitimate questions but unfortunately the answers you get are just going to be people's opinions. I value reliability the most because I ride in the ocean. I have a FZS and have had pretty good luck with it but the supercharger did go. I liked it well enough to buy another FZ for use here in Minnesota but that boat never ran right and I traded it for a Kawasaki STX-15F. Whether you get a boat that is reliable or not is truly the luck of the draw, IMO. What kept me from buying the 300X is that it requires 91 octane fuel. I can only get 89 octane on the water where I ride. Just run with what you bought and don't look back.

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    Sounds like the type of riding that you will be doing will inevitably lead to using less than optimal fuel on occasion. I would take the Kawi off of the list, regardless of price.

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    kawi is best ski all around but if u for sure know that u wont fine 91 gass in the places u plan to go then u might not get it just saying. mayb change locations where ur gona go lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vman View Post
    Sounds like the type of riding that you will be doing will inevitably lead to using less than optimal fuel on occasion. I would take the Kawi off of the list, regardless of price.
    This is correct; you have given us enough information such that the Ultra should come off your list. The way you have written your Post, I think you will be happier overall on the FX SHO (in stock form, the Clutches are fine). JB

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    I say stick with the kawi's. And then rent the skis to do the bimini run. They have rental packages for it, and then if the ski breaks it not your problem.

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    The Yamaha is probably your best bet.. It runs on lower octane gas and Yamaha has the reputation for reliability. The Yamaha's clutch is good in the 12' 13' models I do believe. All skis seem to have different issues wether it is Sea Doo, Kawasaki or Yamaha.

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    Thanks for the responses, the availability of the fuel is the main concern. We looked at the FX SHO today, it is a very nice ski, but it's $2k more each ski. I think I'm going to do some more looking around.

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    If you can't get the correct fuel you are limited to the Yami I think. If you think you'll mod it you'll get stuck with using 91 and may as well just buy a 300x from the start (for all the better things; hull, storage, power)

    The 300x a machine!!

    If you need extra distance you can always strap extra fuel on for the bigger trips. That way you'll have a 300x for the times you don't need the extra distance, and that's got to be a big plus!

    Good luck.

    Cheers, Mal

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    Question, do kawis have knock sensors that back the timing down when detonation detected?

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