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    The List of Lubes & Thread Lockers for Your Seadoo 4-Tec

    I definitely like help with projects and I love helping others so I am looking to the gurus for a list of which lubes (and/or thread lockers) you prefer for the appropriate fastener. (ie: S/C mounting bolts, pump housing bolts, rod bolts, flywheel bolts, case bolts, main bolts, PTO bolts, etc.) I will appeal to have it become a sticky if it becomes fruitful enough. I will start with a few that I am privy to.

    01. OEM Rod Bolts - Oil
    01. ARP Rod Bolts - ARP Rod Lube
    01. Carrillo Rod Bolts - Carrillo Rod Lube
    02. OEM Main Case Bolts - Oil
    03. OEM Case Halves - ThreeBond 1211 or Right Stuff
    03. OEM Outer Case Half Bolts - Blue Loctite
    04. OEM PTO Housing Bolts
    05. OEM Bearing Halves - Permatex Engine Assemb. Lube (89150) or Grape Ape Assemb. Grease & Motor Honey
    06. OEM Head Bolts - Oil
    06. ARP Head Bolts - ARP Lube
    07. OEM Intake Bolts
    08. OEM Exhaust Manifold Bolts -
    09. OEM Rings - Oil
    10. OEM Flywheel Bolts - None
    11. OEM Oil Cooler Bolts -
    12. OEM Thrust Washers (crank and bal. shaft) - Permatex Engine Assembly Lube 89150
    13. OEM Oil Pump Bolts -
    14. OEM Engine Mounts -
    15. OEM Rocker Shaft Bolts - Oil
    16. Supercharger Housing Bolts -
    17. Supercharger Shaft Nut -
    18. Supercharger Impeller Nut -
    19. Pump Housing Nuts -

    If you notice a fastener that is missing, please post up and I will update the master list.
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    Rod Bolts-Oil
    Main Bolts-oil
    Flywheel Bolts - none
    Outer case bolts - Medium strength Loctite
    Stock Head bolts - oil
    ARP Head bolts - Arp lube
    Rocker bolts- oil

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    Thanks Slow, updated. Please keep them coming.

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    Carrillo rod Bolts Carrillo Rod Lube
    ARP Rod Bolts arp Rod Lube
    Motor Case Halves Three Bond
    OEM Bearing Halves Grape Ape assembly Grease + Motor Honey (Stp)

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    Quote Originally Posted by shrabber View Post
    Motor Case Halves Three Bond...
    Since there are several Three Bond sealants, I think it is worth it to specify Three Bond 1211......

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    PTO output sleeve - Loctite 648

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