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    215 Ecu vs 255 Ecu

    Hey guys, will a 09 255 Ecu start a 215 09 rxt? Will i need to change anything else? injectors? If so will there be any gains or losses in performance?

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    It will start it,, but it won't run right. You need larger injectors or else it will run super lean at low RPM. Then these injectors will be too rich at higher RPM because the boost won't be there. Put on 42's and an X charger and it will run fairly right, but won't have the power of a 255 because you really need the external intercooler to get the most power out of it. Then you will have to change the prop, because you will be hitting the limiter.

    In other words, no, you cannot use a 255 ECU on a 215 ski. Unless you want to totally add all the other parts to make it work.

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    the ecu's does not make any more power, its the SC (boost) that is different
    you put the 255 SC on your 09 and it will make almost the same power with the extra supporting mods
    because for every extra pound of boost makes about 10 more HP
    so a 215 has about 7psi boost and 255/260 has about 10psi boost

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    Thanks Fellas

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