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    Question DO I even consider buying this? help!

    I have a 2004 RXP with 66 hours. Guy selling it for $3500.00. Boat looks super clean. Here is the catch. He said it was not hitting top speeds. I just disconnected the SC air intake hose and was able to turn the SC intake fan with my fingers pretty easily.

    Is this a definite motor rebuild? or is it just a definite SC rebuild? I was gonna do the SC anyways, but if the washer chunks are in the motor I am gonna have to walk away.

    I am afraid the only way to tell will be to have the SC removed and check if the washers/ bearings are intact. Is that correct?

    Any help would be appreciated...

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    If you can turn the SC with barely any effort, like with your pinky finger, all the way around....WALK AWAY.

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    I am gonna check again real quick with my pinky... hold on...

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    so yea... pinky. No problem. That sucks. No hope then eh?

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    RUN, Forrest, RUN.

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    Alright. Running! Thanks guys!!!!! Any advice for the seller?

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    the supercharger washers have failed and dropped into the motor. SO motor needs to be pulled and cases split to clean out oil pumps and flush all ports. Not to mention the SCer needs to be rebuilt. SO for a 04-05 he is crazy. I can do all the work myself and I wouldnt do it as you can buy good clean rxps for just about $500 MORE

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    Offer him $1500

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    not even sure i want the headache of having the motor gutted at 1500 + the repair. The guy is a friend so it is gonna suck to break this to him. He has no idea about these things.

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    I bought a 07 rxp 215 with broken washers for 1500.
    04 maybe $500

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