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    2000 XP Exhaust Running very Hot

    2000 XP. Bought non running. Needed start solenoid and also has issue with loss of spark. Both sorted.
    Engine has had a full rebuild also not so long ago.

    Mods are R+D Arrestor. Skat-Trak, R&d Ride plate and intake grate

    Ski starts and runs perfect on the water apart from the fact that the exhuast seems to be getting very hot to me. If I place my have on the black exhaust it is too hot to keep it there.
    Strange thing is the cylinder, cylinder head and exhaust manifold are all cool to the touch. Only part getting very hot is the black tuned pipe after the manifold.
    Water exiting the pisser on the hose and also on the water. While at the lake I touched the water exiting the pisser while running and it is very hot (hotter than I would expect it to be)
    I also have confirmed the correct pipes are connected to the barbs on the cylinder head and the bottom of the tuned pipe near the bracked.

    Anyone have any insight into what is happening here.

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    Check the water regulator for proper operation. You can only test it in the water as it runs off pump pressure. Tie the ski down tight to the trailer, back it into the water, start it up with regulator hose off at the pipe and observe flow. Should have lots of flow at idle, but when you rev it up, the flow should decrease somewhat.

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    Water cooling hose (small diameter) to exhaust pipe may be reversed with other one, I dont have accees to a pc to mark up n send pic. Switch them n try. Had same problem on my 99, may be the issue.

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    Chees for the replies.
    I found the problem. I removed the water outlet hose from the exhaust (the large diameter hose under the tuned pipe near the oil pump. Blew compressed air through it and there was severe back pressure. Removed the hose completely and it was clear. Poked a screwdiver into the flush out connection on the transom and it pushed out a lump of rubber. This was floating around causing an intermittent blockage. Not sure how it got in there though.
    All good now exhaust is running cool agan

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    there have been a few cases I've seen where when attaching a hose to a brass nipple, the nipple will shave a small bit off the inner diameter of the hose and cause all sorts of near to impossible to diagnose problems. Good reason to use silicon spray to lube hose ends before putting them back on, and always try to go in straight on.

    I seldom count on any hose being clear end to end if there's a problem.

    Last season I found a Yamaha 760 twincarb pulse line clogged with black silicon, same stuff the mechanic used to seal the intake manifold to carb. The owner had paid three different shops to rebuild the carbs and then to try to fix the problem. Nobody assumed the reason it wasn't getting gas was that the pulse line was plugged.

    Needless to say, I get a load of refers from this fellow now.

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