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    I started a new thread over here.

    Contributions welcomed.

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    Great list! Unstick the 2012 gathering threads and make this a sticky.

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    Good advice!
    I took Wednesday off and went to the lake. Sure enough there is a young guy floating on a Yamaha drifting away from the ramp area with no life jacket. He is talking away on his cell phone to his girl who is on the ramp launching a Polaris SL 650. The Yamaha's battery is dead (completely) then the girl starts drifting away as well??
    The Polaris wont start either. I idle over to the girl and try to help her out. It took about 5 minutes to notice the lanyard was all wrapped around the handle grip but was not attached. Then I towed the guy back to the ramp. Turns out they were his Uncles ski's and his Uncle said they were ready to go.
    I told them rite before launching always start the ski's for a few moments so they don't end up drifting down the lake. They ended up riding the old SL 650 double and I saw them a few times that day. You would think some of this stuff would be common sense?
    I'm always glad to help and I like to talk to strangers But WTH?
    As I was pulling out later there were four young guys putting in older Seadoos . Three 95 or so XP's and one GTS. They could only get two started up. He told me he changed all off the fuel lines on the ones that were running I told him it was probably time to change the rest of them. You would think they would try to start them at home before hauling them all to the lake?
    I told them about the Hulk not much else I could do for them

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