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    We did it !503hp 7779 prm

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Congratz on great numbers =)

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    Thank you! This is. At low pressure, and 7779 rpm!More boost afraid))

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    how is the hp level possible at such a low rpm ? really big turbo and alot of nitrous for spool up im guessing.please post up some more information and pictures so we can get more familiar with the ski.

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    How much boost?

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    1.9L 1.3bar boost ! do not use nitro. 100 AV GAS). This is the work of 6 months and a lot of new solutions!The bottom graph is the adjustment on the water. The top graph is a setting on the dyno stand!
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    later lay more photos and video!

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    that must be one big turbo with a small exhaust side to get spool at that low rpm.nicely done.any GPS numbers ? must be in the 90's atleast
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    Guys I'm sorry but all the secrets I will not give out! It's too expensive experience!Motor still on the dyno. On Saturday we put into the hull and on the water!

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    I'm more interested in what kinda dyno and how you mounted it!?

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