Hola everyone. This is my first post and just wanted to start off with something good. I just bought a 99 xl1200 limited. The crankshaft is completely seized and shot. I definitely want to keep costs down but if the price for rebuild gets close to a new one I will just buy a new motor with a warranty. Other then the pistons (the guys hammered the shit out of them getting the motor apart) the top end looks good. I am basically posting to see if any of you have parts for sale or a complete engine for sale for cheaper then new. I will be doing this build with GPxx12 from this forum who lives near me. Also a few odd parts I will be needing are the starboard side rear view mirror assembly (purple in color), the reverse engagement cable and the cables that put it into neutral on the left grip. Please feel free to call me at 760-577-4675 if you have any of these parts. Thanks for looking.