Hi all, for a while and I have been trying to solve this problem with my near dead ski. The story goes like this, one month ago I tried to start my ski as usual the engine cranks but it wouldn't start so I checked the coils, sparks, fuel delivery, fuse box all were perfect and working good so I called in my mechanic he suggested that the throttle body assy. Is not working so I got it out and checked it without being connected to the ski and the flap was and is working great so I got it back in the ski and reconnected everything back together and still no luck so i checked it with CanDoo system and according to the shop manual everything is ok voltage, ohm, amps, everything so I was turned towards the damn TPS again. Is it possible that this TPS works perfect outside the ski and in the ski does not? So all experts PLEASE help me. Oh by the way the second time while I was waking up the ski I heard a buzz sound coming from the TPS and when I disconnected it the buzz sound gone forever. Another thing this ski was not used for about 2 months and the last time I rode it it was running perfect. Thanks again