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    the best ski

    Hello everyone. I,am new to this sport and trying to work out the best ski for me between the gp1300 or the vx 110 delux both are brand new. I live in geraldton Western Australia and i want a ski i can wave jump on and go quick but at the same time i want my wife to be able to ride the ski and friends

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    Welcome to the forum

    Both skis are very nice machines. The VX110 deluxe is a nice machine, but lacks the horsepower/power the GP1300R has. The VX110 is a very nice family oriented PWC.

    The GP1300R is more performace oriented. It is based as a 2 seater PWC, but really only seats 1 comfortably.

    Both skis are nice. I persoanlly prefer the GPR due to its sheer power and high performance capabilities !
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    If you want hi-performance single seater, get a GP1300R

    for ease of use and everyday day fun the VX110 is a better ski, as its got reverse, mirrors and things like a boarding step. Also its a proper 2-3 seater and designed for more family oreinted fun (towing, etc).

    personaliy I wouldnt want my family members to use my 71 mph GP1300R.

    Yes the VX110 lacks performance, but its like comparing a racing car (gp1300r) to a luxuary sedan (vx110).

    Otherwise you could always get a FX-HighOutput, depending on your budget.

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    Island Racing has a sweet performance kits and addons for the VX110

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    Like spaceman said, two different types of ski. Depending on the size of you and your wife the GPR will normally seat 2 pretty comfortably. The 2 seaters of today are about the same size as the 3 seaters made not long ago.

    If I wanted to relax with the family though I would probably get a 3 seater just for the reasons Spaceman stated. Reverse would be nice at the fuel docks.

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    Thanks everyone sorry for being so late in returning a reply i have been having to much fun on the new ski, i went for the gp Thanks for your help this forum is great.

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    Congrats on the new ski!!!!

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