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    Roller bunk install help

    Trying to convert my carpet bunks to these roller bunks

    With these brackets

    Question is do i even need those brackets? Or can i just remove the bunks and drill a hole in my existing plate and mount the rollers to the existing hardware?

    Few pics

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    I dont see why you would need the brackets. A lot of people don't like the rollers for skis. I personally have never used them so I have no opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ssenay72 View Post
    Trying to convert my carpet bunks to these roller bunks

    Will the full width of the rollers fit between the ridges on the bottom of your hull?

    You want to avoid point pressure where the hull is touching the rollers only on a few raised ridges or other small areas. You want the hull broadly supported.

    Wood bunks also flex to somewhat conform to the hull shape. Steel roller bunks will also flex, but perhaps not as much as the wood bunks can.
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    Looking at where the wood bunks sit on my rxt-x i can almost say i can push the brackets out further on both sides and it would sit better. As they are now the bunks are close to the intake grate, more so on my gti 155. Problem is i dont have much space left between the skis so i dont think moving the " wing bracket " out is going to help. I had rollers on my i-catch trailer and i loved it. Guess i wont know till i put them on and see where they sit.

    So remove the bunk board nad use the bracket and pivot braket thats there? Ill just drill a new hole in the pivot to attach.

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    Why do you want to go from bunks to rollers?

    I had a roller trailer in the early 1970's, and bunk trailers ever since for everything from PWC to a 10,000# offshore boat.

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    I assume he had to sell his single place trailer for a 2 place.

    Once you get them installed can you write a review, looking at adding these since the ramps I go to are super shallow

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