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    international shipping question

    If I were to insure and ship a item internationally with usps and for some reason it didn't get there or it got there damaged would usps reimbursed me as they would if I were to ship the same insured item within the u.s? Or would they claim that the recievers mail carrier was to blame for the loss or damage and tell me I was sol? Is it a good idea to ship internationally.

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    When you pay USPS at the time of purchase for insurance, your insurance is in effect immediately and if the package is lost or damaged then you will file a claim and USPS handles it. I have shipped many items internationally but I always clear payment in advance. Always.

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    Yeh insurance but some international packages its extremely expensive to insure it

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    They are expensive to some countries especially if it is a high value item. The theft incidence in some countries especially Africa is huge.

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