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    2005 VX 110 will not start on the water

    Hello all. My 2005 VX110 has been giving me issues for over a year. It cranks fine at home on the hose and on the trailer at launch but once I launch and ride briefly it is hard to start. Yamaha dealer kept it 2 weeks and obviously it started every time for them in the shop on a hose. They found no issues.

    It was not happening as often when I first bought it. Originally, it only happened once a day or so. I thought it might be fuel, etc. Now, I can back into the water at the launch and it cranks fine and I drive over to the pier. After removing the truck/trailer from the water I return to the ski to find it has a hard time starting. I have to try to crank it for about 20-30 seconds before it starts. I usually turn it over for about only 5 seconds to avoid any starter issues then I try again. After about 4-5 iterations it cranks and runs perfect until I turn it off again.


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    Did you ever get this issue resolved? My first thought was maybe an old/weak battery. I know this post had a bit of mold on it but I was a new-used VX owner

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