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    video, does this idle sound normal to you?

    not used to 2 stokes so cant tell if this is normal or not. Ive only had it a week so...
    I hear a knock every few strokes, you can hear it best when i pan to the guage cluster. this normal?

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    Sounds fine to me, ever do a compression check? How's plugs look

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    120 on the dot all 3. plugs seemed fine to me, smelled like fuel kinda black. I rode it before taking it home and speedo read 85. i know thats not true speed but the power was there.

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    Ride it

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatdude596 View Post
    Ride it
    Wish i could, this global warming is a MFer

    so that random clack is normal? Im used to 4 strokes, i hear that and I think i have a spun bearing.

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    can an admin move this to Yamaha please.

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    That motor sounds normal to me also. Mine sounds just like that and always has.

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    That sounds like the pressure wave pulse in the pipe. They make a random popping. Every 2-stroke with a tuned pipe sounds like that at idle.

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