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    Choosing new Impeller STX-15F

    Hey guys,

    Generally new to the Ski world. I have an 06 Kawasaki STX-15F (60Hrs). I had a look at the prop and it has some knicks taken out of it so I would like to replace. I emailed Impros regarding which prop to get and Dave recommended the 14/20 Solas. I was thinking of getting the Solas 13/19. I thought the 14/20 would be too much pitch for a stock ski? I would like to see a bit more top end and keep or better the bottom and mid. Which prop do you think would be better? Solas 13/19 or 14/20?



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    Hey Matt,

    Welcome to Green Hulk. I'm relativly new to the forum. But having logged in quite a few hours in doing my research (2010 stx15f), I,ve found that the best rsponse to that question is the Solas 14/21. But only when your stock prop fails. Solas being almost half the price of an o.e.m. And 4tec is having a sale on most items right now. So you might want to start there. Don't forget to use 'greenhulk' as the promo code for 10% off!
    Semper Float,

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    Thanks for the reply. I think i might go the 14/20. I have done alot of searching and there are plenty of people running the 14/21 but they have additional mods. My ski is stock so I think the 14/20 would be better. Hopefully will get some more top end out of it. Time to choose between the R&D or Shreadmaster ride plates.... Im in Australia too so I have to order ship parts..

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    I too have a 08 15f, before the Solas, my ski ran exactly the same as my cousins 06, I researched and found most recommended the 14/20, but at the time could only get the 14/21. So i fitted it any way and went for a run didn't feel much different to me. it actually felt softer down low,then out for another ride with my cousin, me on my his and him on mine, in the no wake zone, i said to him yours feel pokier and he agreed, but when we hit the open water we had a small drag race and he on my ski shot way out by about 3 lengths and further on walked slowly away, we swapped back and results the same.

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