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    Seadoo 951 bigbore sleeve&piston on GPR

    Does Anyone know if I can use bigbore sleeve&piston on GPR cylinders????
    Thanks for any advise!!!

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    R u serious

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    hey sam the fail boat is on its way....get ready

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    You can't use the sleeves but you can the pistons actually. Built a couple with seadoo 951 pistons. If you've never done it before you'll want to skip it and go with a 1390 kit with pistons made for the 66v motors. Cylinders, pistons and cases require a lot of work to use the 951 pistons as well as expense. Not worth it. Just go 1390. Piston pin holes have to be mqchined to 22mm- circlip rings recut, cylinders welded, decked and custom thickness base gaskets made, cases opened up, port timing corrected and so on. You can get 87mm pistons from group k and send cylinders to millineum.

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    hey sam the fail boat is on its way....get ready


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