Hi all. I've been fascinated with PWCs since the guys on another forum discovered that some of you wild and crazy guys actually jump on a ski in Miami and head to The Bahamas! I MUST do this before I get too old, and I'm already 54.

So, I'm'a have lots of questions.

I went to the local store and looked at what they had in stock about a year ago. But we weren't quite ready to take the plunge yet. We may be ready soon since my other forum buddies are planning to do it again at the end of August. AND I WANNA GO BADDDD!!!

I'll probably head out to the store again this afternoon, but I'm definitely not ready to buy today. I think I may have actually waited too late to get a pair of skis this year since it's already summer. I also don't know if I want to get new skis.

Here's the dilemma: I don't know if I'll use them regularly other than the Bahamas trip. I would hope to, but I don't know. Also, I'm not mechanically inclined at all, so I'm concerned about break downs. So I'm leaning toward buying brand new just for the peace of mind.

But then again, what if I would get a deal on a pair of old skis and "refurb" them into good shape? Would that be cost effective? I mean, I might only have to replace oil, hoses, and belts. But if I get something with engines ready to be replaced, can they be replaced with newer engines? I've heard that a lot of lakes will not allow 2-stroke skis any more, so I was wondering about replacing a 2-stroke with a 4-stroke engine.

Whew! That's probably enough for a first post. I look forward to hearing you guys' opinions on this (these) matter(s).